Press Release: South Florida Entrepreneur Shares Relationship Lessons in Chronicles of a Serial Dater

West Palm Beach, FL | February 9, 2017:  Ann Marie Sorrell, 37, is the President & CEO of the Mosaic Group, a full-service Marketing PR, and advertising agency providing high-profile visibility to South Florida for over 11 years. In addition, Sorrell is a professor, award-winning entrepreneur, community activist, full-figured model, philanthropist and now author.

Her first book, entitled Chronicles of a Serial Dater, is a journey through the good, bad, funny – and steamy – of dating and relationships told through short stories that all end with a tip for the ladies and a tip for the fellas on the lessons learned from each situation.

The highly relatable dating stories detail scenarios including men who ranged from too busy, too good to be true, too nice – to the just plain crazy, selfish, irresponsible and emotionally, financially and physically unavailable.

There’s a little – or a lot – of something for anyone who has ever dipped his or her toe in the dating pool. So, buckle up and get ready to join the wild ride that is the search for love and lust in the modern dating world.

Launching on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, the book is available at and on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

About the Book

“Chronicles of a Serial Dater is a quick read that is relatable, funny, and real!” — Rhonda, West Palm Beach, FL

“The one-liners are absolutely hilarious!” — Steven, Houston, TX

“Chronicles of a Serial Dater is a very addictive read” — Maggie, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I can relate to almost every story in this book as I think back through my years of dating before I got married.” — Keachea, New York, NY

“This book makes me want to share all of my crazy stories, I can absolutely relate!” —  Elaine, San Francisco, CA

About Ann Marie

Ann Marie Sorrell is a philanthropist, full-figured model, award-winning business leader, woman of faith, and emboldened enthusiast of the opposite sex. She lives out loud and is unapologetic in her support of the many causes that are important to her, which include: social justice, equality for all, issues impacting women and minorities, economic development and health & wellness. She is the President & CEO of The Mosaic Group, and Founder of MustAttend Events, Inc. Ann Marie earned a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management from Florida A&M University. Ann Marie serves on several community boards and has won numerous awards for her leadership, business acumen, and community involvement.

The quest for love is very challenging for a busy professional, but it has not stopped Ann Marie in her pursuit to meeting and settling down with Mr. Right. Her journey through the good, bad, funny – and steamy – of dating and relationships inspired her to document the twists and turns as she believed certainly she could not be the only one experiencing these types situations. The writings lead to Chronicles of a Serial Dater. In her spare time, she enjoys music, dancing, golf, traveling, meeting new people and flirting. She currently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida.